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Interesting old photo donated by Hudson Elementary School

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Thanks to Adrian Anthony, principal of Hudson Elementary School, for donating an old photo which has been hanging on a wall at the school. It shows students in the 1934-35 school year. Hudson Elementary School has recently closed, after having been in existence since 1966, or since 1800s if it is tied to an earlier school. The earlier school closed in about 1955, leaving Hudson without a school for a decade.

The principal also donated some Hudson Elementary School yearbooks from the 1990s and 2000s to the historical society. See the list of yearbooks elsewhere on this blog.

Front row: Bruce Hamilton, Clinton Conner, Rudolph Fitzgerald, Vernon Hudson.

Middle row: Hazel Booth, Ruth Bradly, R. Bradly, Astrid Equvilley, Leona Knowles, Christine Knowles, Elsie Fitzgerald, Joyce Bliss, Wilma Bliss, Peggy Mathews, Marie Lysek.

Back row: Esther Brady, Pearl Tindale, Eva Lysek, Bennie Booth, Almus Hamilton, Martin Lysek, J. L. Bradly, Lonzie Hatcher, Logan Conner, Edward Tindale, Bryce Bliss.

The teacher is Lettie (Endicott) Bareford, 1891-1954. Please report any error in the names.

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