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Aripeka Historical Photo Galleries


     Named after a Seminole medicine man who hunted and fished in the area during the 18th century, Aripeka remains a sleepy little fishing village today. Before the Aripeka Post Office was established in1895, the village went by the name of Gulf Key, then also Argo.

    The Littell Family opened their fish camp in 1898. The camp and the family were mainstays in Aripeka for generations. With its natural beauty and quiet serenity, Aripeka has attracted many acclaimed artists over the years, most notably Jim Rosenquist and Leslie Neumann.


   The Os-O-Waw Inn, a popular hotel from the 1920s until the 1960s when it burned down, was said to have been visited by Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey.  A long-time landmark in Aripeka is the Norfleet general store and bait shop.  It was built next to the Hammock Creek bridge by Jim and Bertha Norfleet in the 1940’s.

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