Board of Directors 1975

In 1971 a letter to the editor appeared in the New Port Richey Press in which Janet Lewis, librarian of the New Port Richey Library, recommended that a local historical society should be formed.  In 1973, the West Pasco Historical Society was formed. Julie Obenreder was the first President. In 1974-1975 the society published West Pasco’s Heritage.


The purpose of the West Pasco Historical Society is to preserve the history of the local community and further the historic knowledge of its citizens.


The historical society serves several functions for the local community.

  1. Manages a museum that exhibits local historical archives.

  2. Keeps historical records, photos and information for the area.

  3. Serves as the main resource of historical information for the community.

  4. Educates and entertains the local community by hosting events.

  5. Conducts tours and field trips for the local civic groups and schools.

  6. Performs outreach activities.

  7. Publishes historical books and articles.



Bob Langford                   President

Vic Mallett                         Vice President

Tomás Monzón                Executive Director / Curator

Ann Rusaw James            Treasurer / Gift Shop

Jeff Miller                           Historian/Librarian/Digital Archivist

Bob Hubach                      Chairman

Trishia Rich                        Membership

Cindy Grey                         Secretary

Heather Fiorentino          Director

David Prace                       Director

Judith Koutsos                   Director 

Antonia Miernik                Director

Diane Faulkner                  Corresponding Secretary

Dr. Rao Musunuru            Director Emeritus


The museum is housed in a building which originally served as the Seven Springs school house. The school was in operation from 1913 to 1925, but the schoolhouse which became our home was built in early 1915. The building subsequently became a private residence of Ed and Willie Maude Frierson. It was purchased then donated to the historical society by Alex Acey. It was moved to Sims Park in October 1981 and dedicated on January 16, 1983. The Library addition was added in 1992. The interior of the building was extensively remodeled in 2010-11. At the grand re-opening ceremony on Sept. 10, 2011, the museum was re-named the Rao Musunuru, M. D., Museum and Library, in honor of a significant donor for the museum renovation. The forty exhibits and the museum layout were redesigned in 2019. The museum is handicapped accessible.